Veterinary Tissue Bank offers ‘Orthostem-c’ treatment for canine patients throughout Europe which involves the use of mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) for various tendon and ligament injuries .

MSCs are increasingly used in dogs for a variety of conditions including:

fractures – delayed and non-unions
ligament and tendon injuries – e.g. patellar tendon, Achilles tendon, shoulder ligaments
arthritis – e.g. elbow, hip, stifle
These adult stem cells that are able to self-renew many times in the same state and may differentiate to become several tissue types including bone, tendon and ligament cells.

The process of Orthostem-c stem cell therapy involves harvesting cells from the patient in a small surgical procedure involving either a small biopsy of adipose tissue or a bone marrow aspirates from either the proximal humerus or the iliac crest. The fat or bone marrow is harvested in a minimally invasive procedure conducted under sedation with no discomfort to the dog.

The MSCs are then extracted from the fat or bone marrow aspirate by Veterinary Tissue Bank, expanded in culture over a period of 1-2 weeks and are then returned to the veterinary surgeon for implantation directly into the lesion.