Veterinary tissue bank launched new IOHC implant at the British Veterinary Orthopaedic Association (BVOA) meeting in Birmingham last month. Incomplete Ossification of the Humeral Condyles (IOHC) is characterised by the failure of the condyles to fuse. It is a common problem in Springer Spaniels and is often seen in English Spaniels, and occasionally in some other breeds, leading to lameness and condylar fracture. The existing procedures have been ineffective in fusing the bone and carry risk of failure.

VTB’s IOHC screw is a self-tapping, self-compressing titanium screw designed by veterinary orthopaedic surgeons Professor John Innes and Dr. Ben Walton. The screw is to be used alongside VTB’s DBM Putty for the compression and fusion of IOHC fissure. The screw can also be used for the repair of inter-condylar fractures in similar dogs.

The x-ray image is 8 week follow-up of a Springer Spaniel with IOHC showing bony union in the proximal part of the IOHC fissure either side of the implant.

IOHC screw