Corporate Profile

Veterinary Tissue Bank is Europe’s first tissue bank and one of only two in the world to provide a tissue banking service to veterinary professionals for use in animals. The company was founded by Dr Peter Myint and Professor John Innes to meet the unmet need for a European veterinary community tissue bank and a desire to progress the field of veterinary surgery.

Prior to founding Veterinary Tissue Bank, Dr Peter Myint has many years experience in human tissue banking. Dr Myint was originally trained as a veterinary surgeon and later went into research in radiation and free radical chemistry in degradation of biopolymers. He has over 15 years of experience in starting up and managing tissue banks for processing and supply of human allografts. This includes setting up a network of tissue donor referral, tissue processing and customer relationships. He also has an understanding of GMP, Quality System and clean room technology

John Innes is Professor of Small Animal Surgery at University of Liverpool and Head of the Small Animal Division in the Department of Veterinary Clinical Science at Leahurst, Wirral, UK. He is a RCVS specialist in small animal surgery (orthopaedics) and he has 17 years experience in veterinary orthopaedics. John has published over 50 peer-reviewed papers in this discipline, along with over 75 research communications. He regularly speaks at international conferences in Europe, USA and beyond. He is currently chair of the small animal programme of the European Society for Veterinary Orthopaedics and Traumatology. In 2005 he was awarded the British Small Animal Veterinary Association’s Simon Award for “outstanding contributions to small animal surgery”.

Our veterinary tissue donation programme is developed to provide both an ethical and a safe source of tissues. All donors are screened according to donor selection criteria and approved by Professor Innes as veterinary medical director. The tissues are procured and processed to the highest level of standard using aseptic techniques by trained personnel. Processed (freeze-dried and irradiated) tissues are supplied to practising veterinary surgeons for surgical procedures to help other pets.

Our bone allografts are commonly used in procedures such as those for cruciate ligament rupture (TTA and TPLO), fracture repair, bone cancer and arthrodeses (joint fusions). Although canine grafts are our main activities, we will be happy to consider processing of tissues from other species upon request.