Cancellous Chips

Cancellous chips consist of morcelised cancellous bone which has been processed to remove soft tissues, cells and marrow elements. Canine cancellous chips are available as freeze-dried, irradiation-sterilized grafts of various sizes (fine, medium and coarse).

Cancellous chips are used for osteoconduction in procedures such as:

  • TTA (tibial tuberosity advancement)
  • arthrodeses
  • spinal fusions
  • fracture repairs
  • osteotomies and void filling (e.g. corrective osteotomies)
  • extending autogenous graft which is in short supply

Advantages of cancellous chips:

  • Cancellous chips provide structure to your graft and a scaffold for osteoconduction
  • Using cancellous chips can save you time.
  • Using cancellous chips reduces the preparation and anaesthetic time, and morbidity for the patient.
  • Shelf-life is 5 years at ambient temperature – an “off the shelf” solution to keep in stock for when you need it.
2-4mm chips size (coarse)
1cc Code C0101  Chips 2-4mm
3cc Code C0103
5cc Code C0105
1-2mm chips size (medium)
1cc Code C0201  Chips 1-2mm
3cc Code C0203
5cc Code C0205
<1mm chips size (fine)
1cc Code C0301  Chips 1mm
3cc Code C0303
5cc Code C0305
FELINE (<2mm)
0.5cc Code FL105

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