Veterinary Professionals donor programme

Veterinary Tissue Bank operates an ethical donor programme for cats and dogs. This is operational at selected veterinary clinics in the UK only at present. Owners may elect to offer to donate their deceased dog’s tissues in order to benefit recipient patients. Some people do find their loss slightly easier to bear in the knowledge that they have helped other pets in need. Veterinary Tissue Bank screens all donors to ensure they are suitable on health grounds.

Typical donors

Typically, donors are young or middle-aged adult dogs (less than 8 years old) that may have been involved in major trauma, or may have had to be euthanased due to chronic pain, or behavioural problems such as aggression. Dogs that have died from infectious diseases, systemic inflammatory diseases, or malignancy are not suitable candidates for tissue donation.

See tissue donation forms

Donor screening

All potential donors must be screened by our qualified veterinary surgeons and passed by our Veterinary Medical Director as fit for tissue donation. A full clinical history and record of vaccination must be available for the donor.

Owner consent

Owners must understand, complete and sign the “Tissue Donation Consent Form” prior to tissue donation.

Cremation of remains

Following donation, the dog’s remains are placed in the care of Veterinary Tissue Bank. We operate to the highest ethical standards to retrieve tissues carefully. If owners wish for their pet to have a private cremation afterwards, we can arrange this and return the individually-cremated ashes to you.

All costs for tissue recovery and cremation are paid for by Veterinary Tissue Bank. There is no cost to you for these services.

If you wish to speak to a representative from Veterinary Tissue Bank regarding tissue donation, please call us on +44 (0)1691 778769, or e.mail us on